New Genre Added – Nu Disco (i goofed up)

After having done much insight into what I categorized as “indie chill” I have come to the reasoning that these songs are closer to a genre called “Nu Disco”. An extreme electrified version of what you would call old school “disco”. A fairly new genre of music that is slowly on the rise. It has similarities of house and synth pop blended together into one. Searching around I’ve come to realize many associate “Nu Disco” with the term “deep house”. House music is categorized by the beats per minute or BPM of 4/4. For many edm genres, the core of the song’s BPM is what separates them from each other. “Nu Disco” however seems to defy these rules and is more free flowing. This being the reason I categorized it as “indie” at first. So don’t be confused by “Nu Disco” and “Deep House” being called the same thing. I’ll be uploading some deep house soon in order for you guys to really hear the difference i’m talking about! And a dope “Nu Disco” track coming up in a few minutes to celebrate a new amazing genre of music.


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