Kaskade – Room For Happiness ft Skylar Grey

Genre: Progressive House

Okay so I posted a song from Kaskade yesterday, and although it was a good song I just didn’t feel comfortable about it. I wanted to post something from Kaskade because he’s an amazing EDM DJ, but I don’t think I took the right time and thought to pick… 1. An amazing song and 2. A song that maybe more people have not heard before. Which is the point in this blog. To share new music. SO! I’ve taken down the last Kaskade post and I present you this fanfrickintastic song. A song that got me through some tough times. I hope you enjoy! I mean come on. Skylar Grey in any EDM song, you know it has to be good.



    1. Hahaha I liked it too, but someone asked me to find some songs in the genre similar to adventure club! And i felt like this one did a little more justice. 🙂

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