Hello and welcome to my blog if you’re “looking for new music” then this is the place for you. New song daily.

Im just a music enthusiast who loves about every genre equally.
Punk to J-POP. Ska to Bluegrass. Indie to 8-bit. Classical to Metal. Hip Hop to Post Grunge. Electro swing to Rock. Jazz to House. Hardstyle to Folk. Electronica to Rap. EDM to Funk.
I love it all!

One of my favorite hobbies is just exploring new artists and music for hours. Originally, I had lists and lists and playlist after playlist of thousands of songs I had compiled, but friends and people around me would always ask me for my music or new music for them to listen to. Eventually, I decided to just start this blog in order to neatly compile my music and also share my findings with everyone at the same time. Everything updated daily for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy and Share!

If you have any requests on a particular artist style, genre, or song just leave me a comment or message. I will try to fill up that empty void chock full of beautiful music for you.

Sidenote: I AM NOT A TECHNICAL MUSIC EXPERT! I know some of the genre labels may look a bit odd or out of place. I try my best to fit each song into the genre that fits it from my point of view without having literally hundreds of thousands of sub-categories. Songs and artists can be all so unique sometimes its very difficult.

If any links are broken please let me know.


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