Indie Folk

Seafret – Oceans

Genre: Indie Folk


Run River North – Run or Hide

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Folk

Run River North started making music that leaned more towards indie folk, think Of Monsters and Men or Fleet Foxes kinda vibes, but you could definitely tell they include much of their asian roots into their music. You could also argue that their music is influenced heavily by christianaity, however; I leave that to the listening individual to decide. This particular song is much more upbeat and faster paced. In any case, old or new their music truly brings you mixed feelings of melancholy yet peace and bliss. I’d reccommend listening to their whole new album Drinking From a Salt Pond.

Beirut – Elephant Gun

Genre: Indie Folk

Beautiful song full of trumpets and mindless dancing and just so much feeling! At first I was so mesmerized watching the dancing I didn’t like the song at all. I finally listened to it without the video and was like “Is this the same song?”. Now It’s on repeat. Beirut is an American band born from New Mexico. Focused on indie folk, world music, and a pinch of electronica.

Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

Genre: Indie Folk

Yes, yes this is the song from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. And they did a very good job with it. This song makes you want to think. Makes you want to go and adventure. When I go for long drives I usually bust out Of Monsters and Men with my hand out the window with a cigarette in hand and just let the music take me places.