1. Updates!

Where Did I Go?

Sorry everyone! Many people have been asking me to put more music up but the fact is i’ve just been too busy lately. Moving into a new place and I don’t have internet yet. On top of working very late almost everyday. But i’ve become inspired again to work harder after finding more and more great music while I was away. I keep finding new stuff and thinking to myself “I need to post this!” But I just didn’t have the time. I’ll try my hardest to keep this going!




Hey guys this is Jugga! I’m happy to announce that I am now collaborating and working with Corey Kim. He has an extremely diversified love for music like i have, and over the past few days he’s showed me more beautiful music that i’ve never heard of. I’m sure you guys will love his music selections and post suggestions as I have! Due to my busy schedule and being unable to post as frequently as I would like I’ve asked him to join me on this blog on our quest to share music as it should meant to be! Thanks for sharing your music with us Corey and welcome aboard. Look out for some good music from this guy.

His first upload Coney Island by Good Old War.



Hello! Hope you guys are enjoying the content I am putting out so far! If so then great! However, for the next few posts i’m going to be focusing on expanding some of the genres that only have 2 or even 1 songs to their name. And as promised before I will be adding a “Deep House” section soon.

It has come to my attention that I do not have a “Techno” category. -facepalm- How did I miss that? It’s like OG electronica music hahaha. I am currently in the process of going deep into my files from years ago to pull out some great techno tracks for techno fans.

Once expansion is done I will go back to the normal postings for those who love what I have so far. So don’t go away. Get ready for some new stuff.


Kaskade – Room For Happiness ft Skylar Grey

Genre: Progressive House

Okay so I posted a song from Kaskade yesterday, and although it was a good song I just didn’t feel comfortable about it. I wanted to post something from Kaskade because he’s an amazing EDM DJ, but I don’t think I took the right time and thought to pick… 1. An amazing song and 2. A song that maybe more people have not heard before. Which is the point in this blog. To share new music. SO! I’ve taken down the last Kaskade post and I present you this fanfrickintastic song. A song that got me through some tough times. I hope you enjoy! I mean come on. Skylar Grey in any EDM song, you know it has to be good.

New Genre Added – Nu Disco (i goofed up)

After having done much insight into what I categorized as “indie chill” I have come to the reasoning that these songs are closer to a genre called “Nu Disco”. An extreme electrified version of what you would call old school “disco”. A fairly new genre of music that is slowly on the rise. It has similarities of house and synth pop blended together into one. Searching around I’ve come to realize many associate “Nu Disco” with the term “deep house”. House music is categorized by the beats per minute or BPM of 4/4. For many edm genres, the core of the song’s BPM is what separates them from each other. “Nu Disco” however seems to defy these rules and is more free flowing. This being the reason I categorized it as “indie” at first. So don’t be confused by “Nu Disco” and “Deep House” being called the same thing. I’ll be uploading some deep house soon in order for you guys to really hear the difference i’m talking about! And a dope “Nu Disco” track coming up in a few minutes to celebrate a new amazing genre of music.